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How to Store Copic Markers

how to store copic markers

Storing Copic markers properly is essential to ensure their longevity and maintain their performance over time. Copic markers are commonly used for various art and design projects, and improper storage can lead to issues such as dried-out markers or color contamination.

But how to store Copic markers? Store your Copic markers in a cool place away from direct sunlight to prevent cracking and fading colors. Keep them flat to avoid ink accumulation on one side. And remember, Copic ink is flammable, so store it safely away from fire sources. Please see the tips below for the proper storage of Copic markers.

Putting in a Cool and Dry Place

putting in cool and dry place

You need to put Copic Sketch markers in the right place to learn how to store Them. So, to keep your markers safe put them in a cool, dry place. It’s really important whether you’re new or experienced with markers. Don’t let them sit in direct sunlight because too much sun can make them crack.

To stop your Copics from drying up, keep them in a drawer, a marker bag, or away from sunny windows. Just make sure it’s an excellent, dry spot in your room. Also, remember not to keep the ink near anything that can start a fire because it can catch fire, too.

Using Rubber Bands or Velcro Straps

using rubber bands or velcro straps

Let’s dive into the next step, which is all about keeping your Copic markers well-organized. Whether you’re just starting out or already a marker expert, this step is essential. You can make your markers neat and tidy by using simple things like rubber bands or velcro straps to bundle them together.

When you keep your markers stacked or grouped in one place, it makes things a lot more convenient. You won’t have to search all over the place when you need a specific color; they’ll be right there together. And those bands or straps you use will help ensure your markers stay in good shape and not get scattered around.

Once you’ve grouped your markers the way you prefer, the next thing to do is find a suitable spot to store them. In the upcoming steps, you’ll have different options when deciding where to keep your markers safe and ready for your creative projects.

Storing in a Bag or Case

storing in bag or case

How you put your markers in your bag or case is okay. You can stand them up or lay them down; either way is fine. You can find various marker storage options on the official Copic website, with choices for holding 24, 32, or 72 markers.
Copic markers aren’t affected much by gravity, so you don’t have to worry about placing them in a specific way. They offer different things like easy-to-carry cases and a wire stand. If you like to carry your Copic markers everywhere, Copic also has a portable wallet option.

Storing in a DIY Storage Box or Organizer

storing in diy storage box or organizer

Having a special case for your stuff is a good idea. When you’re putting away your Copic markers, think about their size and how you want to keep them organized. There are many ways to keep your markers organized, like using plastic cases or bags. You’ve got plenty of choices when it comes to storing your Copic markers.

If you want to spend less, you can look for DIY marker storage bags in other stores instead of the official ones. Another option is to visit Ikea, which has good storage solutions for your Copic markers.

You can also pick transparent storage like acrylic containers so you can easily see which markers you have. If that’s not an option, ensure you can at least see the marker tips to know their colors.

Storing By Colors

storing by colors

Once you’ve figured out where to keep your Copic markers, it’s also a good idea to consider which colors you want to put together in specific bags or cases. You can organize them by having markers with similar colors or shades in one place.

There are different ways to use Copics, so you can also store them based on how you like to use them, like for specific color themes in your artwork. Although you can put them in random order, it’s easier to find the colors you need if you group them smartly.

You can use something called the color wheel as a guide to decide how to group your markers. This helps you follow the basics of color theory, making your marker choices more effective.

Additional Tips for Storing Copic Markers

Copic markers are made with alcohol-based ink, meaning they can catch fire, so keeping them far from flames and heat is crucial. Sunlight can harm the marker’s plastic body and affect the ink inside, so keeping them in a cool, dark place is best.

In addition, many people wonder if storing them upright makes the ink run down and dry out the top, but that’s not the case. Each marker has a sponge-like cartridge that holds the ink in place, so it won’t leak out if you store it vertically.

Whether you store your markers flat or upright depends on your preference. Copic markers are excellent, and they can last a long time with proper care. However, if you store them incorrectly or leave them unused for too long, the ink can dry up, and the marker tips can warp. The good news is that you can replace the ink and nibs at a low cost, saving you from buying a whole new marker.

Alcohol-based ink tends to evaporate fast, so make sure to close the marker cap tightly. Copic markers should stay suitable for up to three years if you do.


This article discusses various ways how to store Copic markers. Whether you store them vertically or horizontally is a matter of personal preference, as the markers’ design prevents ink from leaking.

With the right care, Copic markers can last a long time, and even if the ink dries out or nibs wear down, they can be easily replaced, saving you the cost of buying new markers. Remember to seal the caps tightly to prevent ink evaporation, and your Copic markers should remain in excellent condition for your artistic endeavors.