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How to Store Markers

how to store markers
Proper storage is one the best ways to preserve the quality of your markers. But when we say “proper storage”, how should you actually do it? Will putting your markers away in a case or holder do the trick? That is probably one of the best ways to do it.

There has been a debate whether you should store your markers upright (vertically) or sideways (horizontally). The truth is, there are no strict rules when storing your markers; thus, either way is acceptable. However, it would help to consider the type of markers you are using to determine the best way to store them.

Fortunately, there is always a vast array of quick and simple solutions on how to store markers. Without further ado, let us go through the best storage techniques in this article.

Should You Store Your Markers Upside Down or Sideways?

Generally speaking, you must store your markers upside down to avert them from drying out. This keeps the ink at the nib and in touch with the felt tip filaments, prolonging the longevity of your marker.

However, what is the correct position when storing your marker? Well, the type of your marker will dictate whether you must store it vertically or horizontally. When in uncertainty, though, the safest method to store markers is to lay them horizontally on a level surface.

This technique allows the ink to be uniformly dispersed throughout the marker. Hence, it will be promptly prepared for your next application.

How to Store Copic Markers

A cursory web search yields no solid information on how to store Copic markers. Some individuals keep their Copic markers horizontally, while others keep them vertically.

However, the fact is that it does not actually matter whether you store them horizontally or vertically. Copic markers are not gravity supplied. Instead, they use capillary force to keep the ink from descending to the marker’s bottom point. Your Copic markers should be fine no matter how you store them.

Here are a few tips on how your store them:

  1. Always make sure that your Copic marker is firmly closed. To extend the life of your colored markers, I recommend firmly capping the nibs when not in use. Since the ink is alcohol-based and evaporates fast, closing it tightly would be beneficial.
  2. Put the marker away from harsh sunlight. Always store them in a cool, dry location. Moreover, keep in mind that if you store your Copic markers in direct sunlight, the plastic may start to deteriorate over time. This affects not just the plastic but the ink as well.
  3. Sort your Copic markers. Start sorting your Copic markers. Hence, your work will be faster and more practical as you can readily locate the color you are searching for while maintaining your workflow. You can use rubber bands to hold a large stack of Copic markers and wrap them together. However, you must categorize them alphabetically so that you can easily discover a certain color inside the same group.
  4. Place your Copic markers in a proper container. If you have already discarded its original packaging, you can always get a new tray organizer. These storage cases are generally stackable, thus you can purchase them in most school supply shops. By doing so, you can neatly and safely store all of your Copic markers.

How to Store Dry Erase Markers

how to store sharpie markers

In terms of storing dry-erase markers, you must tip them down so that gravity guides their ink to the tips. This helps you prevent the inconvenience of reviving your dry-erase markers too soon.

However, aside from this technique, you will need items such as a holder rack, marker container, and organizer to keep them organized. Let me show you a few tips on how to store dry erase markers properly.

Keep your dry-erase markers in an appropriate position and tightly cap them. Allow the marker to rest vertically or horizontally with the tip pointing downward. However, it all depends on the storage element you have. As much as possible, keep the ink restricted in the tip. You can do it by keeping their caps facing downward.

Put your dry-erase markers away in a wall-mounted holder rack. For individuals with a tiny working area, this technique would be an ideal solution. It helps you avoid having cluttered dry-erase markers. It not only saves space but also allows you convenient access to your markers anytime you will use them.

Place them in a canvas marker container. If you have a large collection of dry-erase markers, you might be unable to use them entirely. Acquire a canvas marker container to keep them organized and prevent misplacing them.

How to Store Sharpie Markers

Since Sharpie markers generally use alcohol-based ink, you should store them horizontally. This allows the ink to be equally distributed throughout the Sharpie marker. However, things can get a little trickier as you will need to identify the specific type of ink used. That is why I recommend that you verify the type of marker ink you are using to ensure that you are storing it safely.

Nevertheless, here are some further tips on how to store Sharpie markers efficiently:

Ascertain that the cap is firmly locked. Always remember to tighten the marker cap after using your Sharpie markers. Once you have neglected this tip, no doubt your marker will dry out and you will most likely be unable to use it.

Put your Sharpie markers in a horizontal organizer. An organizer is useful not just for Sharpie markers, but also for various office materials. A horizontal rectangular organizer with a transparent body would be an ideal option. Hence, you can identify and choose your Sharpie markers with convenience.

Place your Sharpie markers in a zip-top bag. This is a nice approach to keep your Sharpie markers organized. In this way, you can contain appropriate moisture inside the bag while preventing air from entering. It also extends the life of Sharpie markers, and you will only throw them away when the ink runs out.

Additional Storage Tips for Markers

  • As much as possible, keep your markers away from excessive heat or light. Avoid leaving your markers in void temperatures that are too high or too low. Otherwise, your markers will dry out and their ink will clog.
  • Always choose the most ideal surface. The possibility of your markers leaking is always high. Hence, select a surface that you can simply clean up or discard whenever the ink leaks. It would be a huge mess if you spotted ink stains on an essential piece of artwork or your favorite desk.

Wrapping Up

It is essential to practice the proper techniques on how to store markers since it plays a major impact in increasing their longevity. Depending on how you want to use your markers, always select a dependable storage object.

When in uncertainty about which way to place markers, the ideal approach to store them is horizontally on a level surface. Hopefully, you find this article helpful!

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