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How to Use Chameleon Markers Like a Pro

how to use chameleon markers
Chameleon markers are wonderful markers for creative minds. You can use them in various ways for various artworks. Using these markers allows you to color, gradient, blend, or make new colors for your masterpiece.

Chameleon markers are alcohol-based markers; they use liquid and quick-drying ink. You can also use them on a wide variety of surfaces, such as wood, plastic, glass, ceramic, or fabric. These are not limited to paper-only use. So get your canvas ready as you learn how to use chameleon markers like a pro.

Use as a Regular Marker

Chameleon markers can not lack the basics. Because what are markers if you cannot use them as markers? Coming in with dozens of color choices, you can use these markers as regular markers. Chameleon markers can very well be your “pen pals” for making vibrant creations.

A chameleon marker has three parts. It has a mixing chamber, a bullet tip, and a brush tip.

The bullet tip has a firm and fine nib, perfect for making fine lines or coloring narrow spaces. If you need to fill a wider area, the softer brush tip is the better nib to use.


Making gradients has never been this easy. So, how to use chameleon markers to make a satisfying gradient? Use the mixing chamber. Also known as the colorless blender, it has a white nib that should never go dry. Never leave it open for a long time, or else it will dry up. This colorless blender is your tool to get the perfect gradient.

First, connect one of your tips with the nib in the colorless blender to make your desired gradient. Then, hold it vertically with your tip facing upwards.

Lastly, use it on your art to add depth or shadow The amount of time you hold this position will determine how long it will take for the gradient to change.

Blend seamlessly

Chameleon markers take pride in how well the markers blend together. You can literally mix whatever color you choose, hence the name. The process is similar to making the gradient. This time only, you will need a color top instead of the colorless blend.

The color tops are a separate purchase from the markers themselves. They come in sets of five, from warm to cold and every other tone.

Take your marker and a color top of your choice to blend colors. Connect both nibs together and hold it vertically with the tip of the marker facing upwards. Hold this position for fifteen to thirty-five seconds. The longer you do this, the longer it will take for the colors to change. Try it, and you will see how smooth the transition of colors is.

The original color of the markers doesn’t change over time no matter how frequently you blend the colors. They always go back to their actual colors. And if you think these are all it can do, think again.

Make new colors

Though the chameleon markers already provide you with a wide variety of colors to choose from, there remains the freedom to create new colors. You only need to brush or stroke over the first color using a different marker. Basically, it’s stacking color over color to create a new color. Your imagination is the limit when it comes to these markers.

Refilling Chameleon Markers

Another thing to know when using the chameleon markers is how to refill them. This process involves five easy steps. To refill the chameleon markers, you have to:

  1. Take off one of the nibs with a pair of tweezers
  2. Assemble the injector (usually comes in the box when you purchase an ink bottle)
  3. Fill the injector up to 1ml ink
  4. Inject the ink into the marker
  5. Put the nib back into the marker with a pair of tweezers

Now you can get back to creating your masterpiece.

Replacing Chameleon Nibs

But what do you do if your nibs get damaged? Get them replaced, of course. One excellent quality of the chameleon markers is their replaceable nibs.

To replace the nibs:

  1. Get your tweezers and remove the nib from the marker
  2. Place your new nib in the marker and turn it upside down
  3. Hold this position for about 3 seconds to allow the ink to flow down the nib.

Now that you know how to change nibs, you don’t have to waste the ink because of a damaged nib.


Just when you think that markers can not get any better, you find the chameleon markers. Adding color and depth to your artwork is now easier with its innovative design.

Right and wrong are highly subjective when it comes to art. But if you are looking for the perfect markers for your artistic endeavors, you may have just come across the suitable markers for you. Now that you know how to use chameleon markers like a pro, it’s time to put your imagination on display.

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