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How to Write on Black Paper

how to write on black paper

Basically, black paper works like white paper. The only difference between the two papers is the color. But the black paper adds contrast, novelty, and a unique experience. Like traditional paper, you can use black paper when writing, drawing, or making artwork.

But how to write on black paper? There are many ways to do it. You can use white pencils, white markers, metallic pens, acrylic markers, and many more—this article lists different ways and methods to write on black paper.

Writing with White Pencils

writing with white pencils

The most popular method to write on black paper is using white pencils. White pencils are made of chalk and can work well when writing on black and other dark-colored papers. The white pencil allows you to write orderly white on black paper.

Using white pencils on black paper is the easiest and most satisfying way to write on black paper. Most of the white pencils I know have waterproofing features that allow you to write watercolor effects.

Another use of white pencils on black paper allows the user to blend and produce details in the drawing. And the white paper also works well with other dark-colored papers.

Writing with Colored Pencils

It is not only a white pencil that allows you to write on dark paper. Colored pencils can also be used. Colored pencils are perfect for black paper and other dark-colored papers as it provides a semi-opaque color.

When you use colored pencils on black paper, expect your writing to look good. It is also why many colored pencils are so popular with realistic drawing artists, as they make your work look impressive.

Writing with White Gel Pens

Aside from pencils, pens, such as white gel pens, can also be used to write on black paper. A gel pen uses ink where pigments will be suspended in a water-based gel. The ink’s thickness and opaqueness make it clearer when writing on black paper or other slick surfaces.

Using white gel pens works well with black journals. Since white gel pens come with water-based gel ink, writing on black papers results in bold colors. A good gel pen is perfect for black paper so investing in it -s a must if you want to write on black paper.

Writing with Metallic Pens

writing with acrylic paint markers

Aside from gel pens, metallic pens also work well when writing on black paper. It is available in many colors and allows you to write quickly on black paper. You can also draw or sketch with this type of paper more precisely than with a regular pen.

Using metallic pens will provide an eye-catching glint and sheen that you will not get from other types of pens. Most of these pens even have the same tip as regular pens. The only difference is that metallic pens dispense ink-like paint.

The metallic pen’s gold and silver color fit well when writing on black paper. These colors will work perfectly with the black background since they will not mark or rub into the background.

Writing with White Color Marker

Another excellent way to write on black paper is using a white color marker. Markers are perfect for the black paper since they provide excellent coverage and color variety. It also dries quickly when applied to black paper and any other surface.

The best thing about white color markers is that they dry quickly and provide a smudge-free surface result. So, when you are writing on black paper with a white color marker, expect your writing to look good. A smooth finish is also normal when using a white color marker on black paper. These two tools combine perfectly and produce excellent results.

Writing with Acrylic Paint Markers

writing with white color marker

The best thing about using acrylic paint markers is that they are very flexible and work well with different surfaces. Aside from working well with black paper, it can also be used on canvas, glass, wood, and ceramics.

When you use acrylic paint markers on black paper, you will be satisfied with their bright, bold, and opaque colors. The only issue you will be dealing with this type of marker is water-based. It means that when it dries, it stays permanent on the surface.

Aside from black paper, acrylic paint markers also work well when used on rock painting. Its quick-dry and smudge-proof properties work well when painting on rock surfaces.


There are many ways to learn how to write on black paper. There are many ways to do it using different writing materials, as presented in this article. Writing on black paper also allows you to be creative if you are an artist. It may be different at first when working on a dark background, but when you get to use it, it will be fun to do.