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Why are Copic Markers So Expensive?

why are copic markers so expensive

Copic has been supporting artistic and creative minds with its vast collection of professional quality markers since 1987. The wide spectrum of vibrant colors, refillable inks, innovative designs, and premium quality alcohol-based ink – all these make up the popular Copic markers that many artists use today.

With these exceptional features, it is no wonder that more and more artists consider these markers as among the best ones in showcasing their arts and crafts. Perhaps, you want to give these markers a shot but you are taken aback by their price tag.

But why are Copic markers so expensive? What makes them unique? Should you invest in these markers? You probably have thought about all this before deciding whether or not to buy these Copics. Fret not, you have come to the right place.

As we answer these questions, this article will unravel the best features of Copic markers and why they stand out among the rest of the markers on the market.

Copic Markers are Expensive – Here are the Reasons Why

Excellent Ink Quality and Safe Formulation

A lot of markers are alcohol-based but Copic markers stand out because of their premium ink quality. You get to enjoy a vast selection of colors and showcase bright-colored artistic projects since each of them gives off highly pigmented hues.

What is more fascinating is that the ink offers superb versatility so you can expand your color selection to various depths and shades. These permanent inks are highly blendable, allowing you to mix and layer marker inks according to your desired range of colors.

Perhaps, the key element of these markers is the safe formulation. Nothing’s better than knowing your markers are guaranteed safe to use; these Copic markers are non-toxic and acid-free.

Remarkable Longevity and Innovative Refillable Ink Design

How do you feel about having a set of markers that can last for years or even decades? That might sound impossible as most markers available on the market are disposable. However, this is where Copic markers differ from ordinary markers.

Due to their unique refillable ink design, there is no worrying about the ink running empty. Artists and students can always refill the inks whenever they need to and enjoy working on their creative crafts without interruption. Users can also avoid the hassle of finding replacements and spending a lot on disposable markers.

Diverse Selection for All Levels

The extensive collection of Copic markers captures a massive market of users. Whether you are a beginner, an experienced one, a professional artist, an illustrator, or even a hobbyist, you will find a suitable set of markers for your skills or level.

Having said that, Copic has three types of markers: Copic Classic, Copic Sketch, and Copic Ciao. Their major differences fall under the barrel size, color options, and nib sizes.

Although they may vary in some aspects, these marker types provide exceptional performance with their stunning array of shades and specialized color sets for various art projects and illustrations. Not to mention that these markers are color-coded and available in a variety of sets and categories or target users.

Copic Classic:

Right before other types emerged, Copic Classic was the first-ever set of markers that were launched when this brand began. Also referred to as the Copic Original, these markers have been a favorite among designers and architects due to their versatile nib designs (medium broad and fine nib) for rendering precise details and design ideas.

Like any other Copic markers, these iconic graphic markers highlight replaceable nibs and refillable inks that maximize their longevity and performance. They showcase large square barrels that provide more ink and ergonomic design for added comfort. Moreover, this type offers the second-largest color collection in 214 shades.

Copic Sketch

The flagship product of Copic that has been a favorite drawing and coloring tool among professional artists, designers, and illustrators. Besides the versatility of available nib styles and sizes (chisel, brush, bullet), these markers boast the widest color range among all Copic markers in 358 colors!

Showcasing an oval-shaped barrel, this type of marker defines optimum ink capacity although not as much as Copic Classic. However, it does not compromise its performance, providing superb ink quality that lasts long and gives off radiant colors. Plus, the oval-shaped barrel is actually very comfortable to hold.

Copic Ciao

It has a much simpler design and is more economical than the other two marker types. These markers target aspiring artists, students, and beginners who want to experience the amazing features and performance of Copic markers without spending a massive outlay. Plus, they are a lot easier to use.

Although this type contains lower ink and fewer color selection (180 colors) than other Copic markers, it does not skimp on quality and provides the same premium ink quality and design for versatile applications. It is also refillable and uses the same nib designs as Copic Sketch, which are Medium Broad and Super Brush nib styles.

Unique Color System

Copic uses a unique and organized color system that allows users to identify shades easily according to their color and number codes. Referred to as the Copic Color System, this systematic design includes all 358 marker colors and offers an intuitive selection of customizable colors so you can choose the colors you desire without any hassle.

Furthermore, it is integrated with their Copic Color Wheel that incorporates a selection of colors from the original color range and wider color spectrum or gradations, allowing you to visualize the shades you can achieve through layering.

Versatile Applications

There is no trouble drawing and coloring various line widths due to the innovative nib designs of these markers. Since they are replaceable, you can create intricate lines or produce solid colors and thick strokes according to your artistic needs.

Just so you know, the majority of the Copic markers are double-ended, allowing you to transition from fine brushes to medium broad nibs without a hitch. Moreover, each nib or brush delivers consistent ink quality that blends smoothly so you can achieve your desired shades, layers, or depths of colors.

The versatility of these markers is not limited to markers but is also compatible with other media types. For example, you can use it with pencils, colored pencils, pens, or gel pens to create various coloring effects.

copic markers are expensive

Some Pitfalls to Watch Out For

Aside from its hefty price tag, Copic has a few setbacks that users need to watch out for. Among the issues is the tendency of these markers to bleed when not used on a compatible or correct type of paper.

One more thing to take note of is the durability of brushes that sometimes fray or wear out easily, particularly when used on rough paper and surfaces. Some artists also found some issues with the odor, which some considered unpleasant or something similar to rubbing alcohol. However, as for me, the odor is a lot better and milder than other markers.

Are Copic Markers Better than Regular Markers?

The quick answer is yes. The unparalleled spectrum of colors, versatility and impeccable lifetime quality are outstanding features of Copic, which make it quite challenging to find another brand that can compete with it. It also stands out with its innovative refillable design that maximizes its lifespan, which is contrary to regular markers that are usually disposable.

Although I think Copic is an excellent choice, the preferences and needs of one artist to another still vary. Some may not consider Copic markers better than others or the best in the market because they look for specific features that may not be present in these markers.

Some students and beginners also find these markers intimidating since the brand usually recommends them for professional and experienced artists. However, there is no harm in trying Copic markers. You can start with Copic Ciao if you are a beginner and gradually transition to other types once you get a hang of it.


Investing in expensive markers might indeed put unnecessary pressure on your budget. That is why some artists do not think it is wise to buy Copic markers due to their hefty price tag. But as we discussed, many reasons rationalize this, leading us to this conclusion: Copic markers are all about superior quality and performance that’s worth the investment.

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