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Why are Fountain Pens so Expensive

why are fountain pens so expensive
High quality, “tricky” to use, classy and classic are descriptions the general public will think of when it comes to fountain pens. Whichever angle one looks at a fountain pen from, it almost always screams luxurious. It is no secret that fountain pens are expensive. But why are fountain pens so expensive? To answer that question, let’s pinpoint its characteristics.

Know What They’re Made of

Aside from their sophisticated look, fountain pens offer you a better writing experience. To better understand why are fountain pens so expensive, you should first know what materials they are made of commonly. The materials used to make these pens are nowhere near substandard.

The Nib

First off, the nibs. Most pens have nibs that are made of stainless steel. The more luxurious types have nibs made of solid gold or titanium. Steel nibs write well, but gold or titanium nibs are more flexible.

Just the production of these nibs takes a 7-step process. All is done with high precision, from the flattening of the steel to the strengthening of the tip. Other fountain pens have handmade nib carvings, hence their higher cost.

The Feed

Another thing that adds value to the fountain pen is its feed. The feed is what connects the ink reservoir to the nib. It regulates the ink that flows down to the nib and the air that goes up to the reservoir to replace the ink. No other pens have a feed, and that makes fountain pens special.

There are two types of fountain pen feeds. One is made of plastic, and the other is ebonite material. Though an ebonite feed would give a rougher appearance than a plastic feed, it provides a better ink flow. These feeds are made to fit the nib perfectly.

The Ink Reservoir

When talking about fountain pens, you can never overlook their refillable ink. The ink reservoir also determines the price of the fountain pen. Less expensive fountain pens tend to have replaceable ink cartridges, while the more expensive ones have a syringe refilling system. The more complicated the refilling system, the higher the price.

The Body

A fountain pen’s appearance either pushes up or pulls down its price. For the lesser cost, many mass-produced fountain pens have bodies that are made of plastic. Fountain pen enthusiasts obviously prefer the ones with metal bodies.

Fountain pens with steel body materials don’t go out in the market plain. They would have engravings on them or a gold ring design as an accent. If you want a specific design, you can also have your fountain pen customized.

How to Store Fountain Pens

how to store fountain pens

Now that you know why are fountain pens so expensive, you have to understand how to maintain them, especially when not in use. Aside from the regular cleaning, you should also know how to store fountain pens. Improper storage and care can cause damage to the reservoir, feed, and nib.

But before you store your fountain pens, make sure that the nib is clean. Excess ink on the nib can dry and clog the nib over time. It can also pool the cap with ink.

If your fountain pen stays on your desk, place it vertically in your pen holder. Make sure to keep the tip up and the cap on when not in use. This habit will prevent the ink from going to the nib and leaking. There is also a chance that the ink will clog the nib if it stands with the tip down.

Storing your fountain pen in its case is also excellent, especially when traveling. The case protects the pen from getting scratches. If you are particular with pen cases, don’t fret, there are various pen cases for fountain pens.

If stored horizontally, it is best to ensure that the ink cartridge is removed or the reservoir empty. This storage technique is also best when flying, as the air pressure changes when in flight.

Keep in mind as well to store it away from direct heat. It is best to store it in a cool, dry place. When the pen heats up due to exposure to heat, humidity, or sunlight, the in will expand, which can cause leakage.

Storing your fountain pens requires forethought. It is essential in maintaining the quality of the appearance of your pen.


From the facade, you would already recognize a premium fountain pen. Yes, there are mass-produced fountain pens. They are made with less fine materials, but they still offer so much more than a regular ballpoint pen. However, if you are going for the real deal, it’s wise to invest in the superior fountain pen.

The reason why are fountain pens so expensive has everything to do with their intricate machinery, sophisticated look, and excellent performance. And with proper care and maintenance, it will never let you down.

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